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You also have to remember that Gemini is a sign which bores very quickly. Without something more to cement this relationship together, it could easily turn into a quick fling — fun and memorable, but little more meaningful than that. One or other of the partners is likely to flit along to a new partner, sooner or later, because neither the Gemini man nor the Gemini woman is necessarily very faithful in love. Gemini man Gemini woman compatibility can therefore turn into something very fleeting indeed — unless both partners agree, perhaps, to an open relationship?

Neither are jealous or possessive, and both share the same air sign tendency to rationalize the relationship — they are quite capable of separating sex from love, and would cope better with unconventional arrangements than other couples would. Assuming that even this mercurial couple would consider that a step too far, however, the signs are not brilliant for long term compatibility.

The Gemini man and Gemini woman may find it hard to settle into a humdrum life together, as neither one of them is willing to take care of the day to day necessities of life.

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Because of this short attention span and the need both partners have to always look for the next big thing, Gemini man Gemini woman compatibility is not as promising as the compatibility between some other sets of same-sign partners. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Gemini is blunt and lacking in tact whereas Libra possesses advanced diplomatic skills. When they argue hurtful things are often said that Libra never fully recovers from. Gemini — work on your emotional maturity and think before you speak.


When Gemini and Libra fall in love they recognize a soul mate and someone who has the capacity to put up with their deficiencies. Libra does a lot of mooning around and star gazing which is normal for them because they are always in love.

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Gemini showers Libra with expensive gifts — Libra is likely to write exquisite love letters and compose symphonies dedicated to their new muse. The twins who are naturally commitment shy may test Libra by acting out — not calling, flirting with someone else or forgetting an important date.

Emotionally intelligent Libra usually understands that this is behavior born out of insecurity.

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Earthy Libra loves being loved and is generous between the sheets. They are famous for their kissability and numerous other oral skills.

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Gemini adores the human body and its capacity for sensual pleasure — The Twins bring circus to the bedroom — gymnastics, acrobatics and probably a trampoline or a trapeze. It has all the potential to make a good if unorthodox marriage. They may live in a commune or build a home out of egg cartons and hazard alert! Avoid arguments before they start and turn your differences into strengths.

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It's never too late to begin again. For the first time in years you feel alive.

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