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The Egyptian calendar had days marked by decan stars rising at day intervals, plus five inter-calculated days. Ancient Hellenistic astrologers eventually dropped the Fixed Star association, and simply divided each degree Zodiac Sign into three equal segments. From Astrodienst Astrowiki.

Decans or Decanates - Planet Rulers

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Born Early In Your Sign? Here's What That Really Means

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  8. Taurus appreciates luxury and sensuality. Virgo is the analytical organizer. Capricorn is the patient , efficient long-term planner. Here is where the legendary Taurus patience really shines.

    They choose their closest companions carefully: self-pity, shallowness, and frivolity will really turn them off. All Taurus natives are attracted to beauty, luxury, and the arts, but in Decan 3, this affinity becomes a true creative talent, and many of them become artists.

    TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

    Determined and stubborn, once they get started on a new project, very little can deter them from seeing it through. Once they finally relax and let their guard down, Virgo 1 often turns out to be one of the most fun-loving versions of this sign. In Decan 2, though, they often default to solitude when something goes wrong, preferring to suffer alone rather than bother anyone else with their problems. Mental puzzles, games and research projects can help draw them out of their shell and give them a sense of support.

    Full Moon November 2018 ~ Apollo's Shadow by Darkstar Astrology

    The Virgo perfectionism reaches its peak in Decan 3. They second-guess everything, especially themselves. They have a strong need to know the truth about everything, and have trouble accepting grey areas and subjective knowledge. Not much can get them down for long, though.

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    Tirelessly working to reach their lofty ambitions, they hold themselves and everyone around them to the same high standards. When they finally succeed and you can bet they will , the celebration is just as grand and impressive as all the work that led up to it. She now lives in Vancouver, Washington, with her husband, three cats, and a loudmouthed hyacinth macaw who loves to scare the cats.