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We are being called to release 'the man', the rules, the reliance on 'out there' more and more this year. Cancer Total New Moon Eclipse. They also announce a give away! Listen to the end for how to enter. Also, if you share your review on Social Media and tag us as well as emailing weirdlymagicalpodcast gmail. FOUR great prizes. Not only this but we answer a great listener question.

Sagittarius Full Moon June 17th Magic Carpet Ride. Jen and Lou rap about the energy of the magic carpet ride that is June and the Sagittarius Full Moon. The ladies give suggestions for navigating this intense, crazy, insane but magical time leading into July's Eclipses. Gemini New Moon June 3rd Changing Perceptions.

Solar Eclipse 14th November 2012

There's also a special message from the Akashic Records. Lots of perceptions are likely to be changed this month and especially on this lunation. Scorpio Full Moon Podcast. Flooding and Erosion! Floods, disease, erosion and raw earthly power and transformation is coming. Strength and courage are needed to allow the energy of this to work its magic. Plus we answer a magical listener question about the Lunar nodes. Taurus New Moon May 4th Joyful Manifestation Time! Jen Duchene and Lou Edington rap about the challenging, yet joyful energies of manifestation beneath the collapsing Patriarchal institutions.

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What are your core values? What really matters to you? Libra Full Moon April 19th Not Me, Us. This upcoming Full Moon is the second Libra Full Moon in a row and is the beginning of another phase of change. Listen to Jen and Lou rap about this lunation, the energy around it and answer a listener question!

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Astrology of the Aries New Moon We are being rebirthed after a long period of release and integration and there is a lot of change coming in the lead in to the New Moon harking back to the early part of October Libra Full Moon. Pink Moon. She Rises. Listen to Jen and Lou rap about the divine feminine rise and healing of the divine masculine that is amped up on this lunation! The aptly names Pink Full Moon is full of possibility.

Pisces New Moon Change and Chaos.

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The Pisces New Moon on Mar 6th is part of a vortex of change and chaos over the time before and around it with Mercury stationing Rx and Uranus entering Taurus to begin a new 84 year cycle. Listen to Jen and Lou rap about this vortex of chaos and how it's an opportunity to step into something amazing and magical. Full Snow Moon Feb 19th The Patriarchy is f ked. In this episode Jen and Lou rap about the upcoming Full Moon and the other shifts in energy that lead into it.

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Use them wisely! Aquarius New Moon Feb 4 Fire It Up! July 31st 12pm PST. What a powerful lunation. It's definitely time to raise that lightness and joy and start howling at the Moon! Eclipses Again! Jen and Lou rap about the upcoming Eclipse and how it's time to roll your sleeves up and get to work.

There is another bonus to this eclipse, as it can also help you become much more healthy and fit. You may develop a new routine to go back to the gym, decide to have more frequent checkups and change your diet to a healthier lifestyle. Its main mission will be to make you feel loved and adored, so if you are single, be sure to circulate socially after this eclipse arrives.

If you are attached, the stork may bring news that you are about to be a mother in the weeks and months ahead. If you have children, one may bring home exceptional news, to make you proud. Cancers born within five days of July 14 will find this eclipse very exciting. Leo: If you want to move, renovate, decorate or add other touches to your present home, this eclipse will speed up your timetable. You can get a new roommate or see one leave, giving you more room.

The Sun rules your sign, so solar eclipses are very important to Leo, more important and noticeable than any other sign! At this November 13 eclipse, you may travel only a short distance, but it will have special importance. Later, when the Scorpio-Taurus family of eclipses are in full swing in , you will travel much longer distances, something you will see in April and May next year. Virgo born near September 14 plus or minus five days will notice this trend the most.

Libra: Your financial situation will change, but very possibly for the better! The house being lit has nothing to do with prize winnings, but your work performance, which apparently has been excellent.

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  4. Scorpio: This eclipse will bring vast and very positive changes! The closer your birthday falls to November 14 most notably, plus or minus five days the more dramatic the affect this eclipse will be for you. You will see your life transform and rejuvenate in very exciting ways!

    This eclipse is all about your wants, needs, desires and goals—and you may even change your appearance! All parts of your life will be renewed! If your birthday does not fall near November 14, you will experience more eclipses in Scorpio-Taurus family in , so hang on to your hat. Eclipses fall in different mathematical degrees, so one will bring you gifts. Sagittarius: You as well as your Gemini friends have experienced major life changes due to another family of eclipses that have come by in the Gemini-Sagittarius family of signs: The first eclipse arrived December 21, , and in you had four more eclipses in those signs: June 1, June 15, November 24, and December 10, This year, you had one May 20 a happy one and a more difficult one June 4, Now, you see one of the last one, November 25, you will have one more in May 25, The one this month will be gentle—you will see more about it below in the section on the lunar eclipse November In the meantime, the solar eclipse of November 14 will help you in a low-key way.

    At this time, influential VIPs will want to help you, quietly, under the radar. You will become quite productive when working alone, in solitude, too, so you may want to write a book or complete your thesis for example, or study for a difficult test, such as the law boards. It may that you go to a beautiful wedding, a reunion, or a professional conference, as a few instances. Social media will shine for you too, so spend time working on your pages! Capricorn born near January 12 will be most likely to see an uptick to their social life.

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    Aquarius: This eclipse should have a vast influence on your career and bring you a chance to scale great heights! Afterwards, you may feel as though you experienced a miracle when you are asked to assume the big position and are given the corner office. If you have always wanted to be self-employed, you may now get a chance to open your own business.

    Pisces: Foreign people and places are growing in importance for you. You may get a chance to travel overseas, or to work with people in another country on an important new project. This trend is just beginning—watch it grow! Pisces born March 12 will be most likely to hear big news now.

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