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His new spellings resulted in him chucking his struggling sales job of 17 years to now becoming the most sought after Numerologist in the World. Sanjay B Jumaani's views are highly respected Swetta Jumaani hails from the famous Jumaani family. An ardent fan of her father, the Eminent Numerologist Bansilal M Jumaani, Swetta keenly studied this occult science of numerology Toggle navigation.


Magic with Numbers. That a Number 3, Taurus Ruler being 6, Venus, he would rock in his 33rd 6 year! Wearing Jersey 45 9 as 3,6,9 a family. Laxmmi Bomb-yet another flick of Akshay Kumar spelt by us, Always a proud feeling to be associated with him! Being a number 3, I believe I am lucky for him, and likewise, as a number 9, he is lucky for us Read More. Bola tha na, "War will bring peaceful avenues at the Box Office" Way before its release, we had predicted this War to be the one to look forward to Number 1 Hrithik Read More. It was simply mesmering to breath the same air as Bejan Daruwalla Sahab, my 'Mooh Bola Baap', literally the baap of our industry!

Maintaining this notion, fate outdid the Proteas and clinched a cakewalking victory for India!

It's about your life!

Mangal 9 is on Mission Akki! Some may call it coincidence, whereas the rest may call it 'Destiny-Fixing'!

Best Astrologer in pune

Well, to each its own! Dreaded by even Westerners Read More.

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Regards Sanjay B Jumaani. Khiladi Kumar has set his Number Game on point 3 of Akshay's highest openers are spelt as per Numerology! Yash Chopra Ji, a firm believer of Numerology left no stone unturned to sum up his titles to 3, 6 or Name, 22, 22nd year of marriage, tragedy on 22nd floor!!!! This day certainly can't be forgotten by Sports buffs from around the globe who witnessed nothing but a Marvel-Mania! We were bang on about our top 3 picks; they are indeed on top in the Points Table And in the same order Watch Video.

Black-out Black-In-Lack' of Luck! What is luck? Some opine that it's another term for coincidence, whereas some feel that it is success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than one's own actions. Well, it's all up for grabs Read More. Lucky Year, Batsmen Cheer! U did your best TeamIndia! Sad like Millions of Indians We did put up a brave performance after losing the top order! Meanwhile one can read the pic, Detailed synopsis besides this post, We are sad that our prediction rang true. He looks bigger than most biggies with those numbers on the collection front!

Taqdeer ka likha koi mita nahi sakta! Rishabh Pant, a double number 4 4th October, in his 22nd 4 Year has risen from dust as he suddenly gets a recall to fulfil any Cricketers dream- be a part of a World Cup! His cell Number already added to the first choice of Numbers in his readings that I worked on! Meaning a readymade Number And guess what?!

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His cell could in all probability be his saviour too Read More. Legend Hemant Kumar Ji! A Tale of 2 Bharat's! Embrace the Royal Wedding Numerology style! Can't say if it is merely a coincidence or a deliberate act of Numerologic! Catch Recent Predictions Score-Card. Baazaar Chaalu Chhe! Apna Luck Pehenke Chalo! MagicOfBlue Read More. Not only are many Akshay Kumar films 'Jumaanified', working with the Superstar we feel 'Akkified' too! In the nick of time, he bounced back and how! As it is Jumaanified.

Hand of God? The show will go on, the Legacy shall continue, God Willing! Mumbai Win-dians, yet again! How lucky is your vehicle Number? Contact Us. We pray and bow our head to the Goddess Sarswati, goddess of knowledge.

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Goddess you are the most lucky and full of knowledge, you have Lotus like big and beautiful eyes. You are the giver of knowledge. Rao, I. The Institute conducts Jyotish Alankar and Jyotish Acharya courses in order to encourage the study and research in Astrology. The Institute also selects eligible candidates who have passed out Jyotish Acharya course for research in Astrology under the guidance of Shri K.

Our outstanding successful researches are published in the Journal of Astrology and other publications. The medium of instruction is English or Hindi and medium of examination is also English or Hindi as per the choice exercised by the candidate at the time of the admission. Note : the choice once exercised will be final and binding. The admission will be granted in order of merit, as the number of seats available are limited. All the successful candidates at the time of interview shall be admitted to Jyotish Alankar Course.

However, students who become successful in minimum three papers out of the five papers, are also eligible for interview and are likely to be promoted for Jyotish Acharya. They have to clear the failed papers of Jyotish Alankar before the completion of Jyotish Acharya Course. All the successful candidates at the time of interview shall be admitted to Jyotish Acharya Course. Attending the convocation seminar is compulsory for Jyotish Acharya classes, failing which they shall not be eligible for admission to research classes.

However, for meritorious students passed out from other Institutes, with the approval of Advisor, Controller of Examination, can be considered for admission to Senior Alankar Courses. Student has to pass out the Institute's Midterm and Annual Examinations. After successful completion of Jyotish Acharya Course and only those who have attended the convocation Seminar are eligible for interviews to Research Classes. All candidates who are successful in the interview will be admitted to Research Class in Astrology.

Vastu Shastra

Institute's decision in respect of Guide and choice of area of research to the students will be final. Attending convocation seminar is compulsory. Renewal for yearly research classes will be based on attending the convocation seminar and submission of minimum two research papers on the subject area of research. Application duly filled in on the prescribed form must reach the Office on or before the prescribed date along with :. One clear Photocopy of any of the following documents acceptable as Identity proof, showing all details such as number, date of issue, date of validity and place of issue.

One clear Photocopy of any of the following documents will be acceptable as Address Proof. Please provide the address proof of correspondence address only. All communication would be addressed to Correspondence address only. A photo copy of Matriculation or Higher Secondary Certificate showing the date of birth. Three copies of recent passport size photograph, one duly pasted and self attested on the form and two without attestation.

The admission would be given on the basis of general intelligence, motivation interest in the subject and conditions prescribed there in. The list of selected candidates for admission to the courses will be displayed on the notice board. The selected candidates are required to deposit the prescribed fees in full in the Bank, functioning in the Bhavan's premises. One copy of Bank's receipt has to be submitted to the Office along with the application form for admission within five days from the date of publication of the list on the notice board. Bhavan has a Reference Library and books are not issued to students.

Facilities are provided to read the books and journals in the library itself. The Identity Card is the library card. Medium of instruction shall be English and Hindi and the students can answer the questions in English or Hindi. A partial use of Hindi in the English medium classes and English in the Hindi medium classes is permissible for the purpose of better clarification and understanding wherever deemed necessary by a teacher.

Seminars are held on every Fourth Sunday of a month at P. Guest speakers are also invited to these seminars.


Bi-annual seminars are held alongwith the convocation. These seminars are optional for Jyotish Alankar classes and are compulsory for Jyotish Acharya and Research classes. Nominal expenses will be charged for incidentals. There shall be two mid term examinations, one in the first term and another in Second term.

Mid term examination is compulsory and qualifying for junior classes.

BA (Astrology) Course Admission, Eligibility, Fees

Students failing in the mid term examination, are not allowed to appear for the Annual Examination. Jani Shri K. Munshi Marg, Chowpatty, Mumbai Phone: Fax : email: bhavanmumbaijyotishbharati gmail. T he ancient lore of India is unique, for many branches, its attempt was to probe the mysteries of life and death. Of its lore, the most amazing has been the science of Jyotisha, Astrology.

T he lore is doubtless fascinating. From very early days, I have taken interest in friends and astrologers trying their skill on the planetary chart of the heavens at the moment of my birth, for that is what a horoscope is. I have never closed my mind to the science. I n condemning astrology, we shut our face against a science, with a predetermined vision. If explored with patience, honesty and skill, it might perhaps break through the barrier which separates life from death, the present from the future; it might give an insight into man's endeavour and his ultimate destiny.

Library : Collection of over rare books of Astrology ancient Vedic Books. One can enroll and take their admission in our Jyotirvid Astrology course, already started on 6th Jan On taking the admission on or before 31st Jan , you can participate in our sky-Gazing program and have a unforgettable life time experience.

Full night Program at sea Beach of Bordi on 2nd and 3rd Feb Classes are only on Sunday Chowpatty, Mumbai Contact Person.