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The cardinal grand cross continues this month. Conflicting energies are competing for resolution. Appeasing all planetary archetypes without challenges occurring is unlikely. Discord and disruption is part of the process of learning and growing through change.

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However, the mood is generous, expansive and benevolent today. Many of us have made some significant internal changes over the last few months, changes that will become more externalized going forward.

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Mars will remain in the sign of Libra through July Do you know where this area is in your birth chart? This is where we have been challenged to redirect our energies in our own unique manner.

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Mars will soon trigger the Uranus — Pluto square mid to late June , activating more of the same: sudden or shocking developments that provoke unrest. Mars is the warrior archetype and Uranus is the rebel archetype.

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Pluto is the death and rebirth archetype or irrevocable change. Of course, there may be sudden, innovative developments which promote positive, evolutionary growth and change as well. New beginnings are seeded during the dark of the New Moon. The square to Neptune deepens our capacity to healing and intuitive insights.

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On another note, the square to Neptune can blur boundaries and confuse us. Joanna Bellis, Ed. The siege of Rouen lasted from August Dublin: Four Courts Press, Skelton was in his own time a challenging writer, one who both leveled and prompted criticism, and his reputation since Kathleen E. Medieval Church Studies Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols, In the last ten years a number of seminal works have been published Kathryn Kerby-Fulton, John T.

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Pentecost Sermon Powell, ed. Peter Nicholson and Joan Grenier-Winther. Oxford Textual Perspectives.

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Oton de Granson sometimes spelled "Grandson," ca. Peter J. Lucas and Angela M. Dublin: Four Courts, This small collection of medieval manuscripts at the National University of Ireland, Peter W. There, Harington found himself in a community of eminent prisoners representing some of the most influential names of his day.

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However, Harington Richard J. Moll, Ed.

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