Venus combust vedic astrology

Sun conjunct Venus can be a paradox.

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This is because modern astrology deems this aspect wonderfully positive while forgetting about the phenomena of… combustion! In this case she is invisible and therefore distrusted. The positive expression of Sun conjunct Venus comes when she is able to shine. So the wider conjunction will make one gracious and popular, and also a fantastic diplomat or counsellor. This peace-loving native finds a resolution no matter what, but sometimes the avoidance of conflict can create a somewhat fake veneer.


Relationships of all sorts intrigue Sun conjunct Venus and they are quite nosey about other people affairs. In romance Sun conjunct Venus can be the typical serial-monogamist, and find it hard to spend any time solo. It is quite easy for Sun conjunct Venus to stay in relationships, just because they are often so very attractive and have bags of natural charm.

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Sun conjunct Venus usually comes across as very polite and will carry themselves with great dignity if this conjunct happens to be configured with the ascendant. This might explain why there are some very aggressive characters in the list of natives below. What happens then, is that the native constantly needs an audience to shower them with praise and adoration, which it is never enough. There is an exception to combustion, which is known as cazimi. Generally, cazimi is considered highly fortunate as it means Venus is literally sitting in the throne of the King. This gives her Queenly power, but also huge responsibility.

With this force the Sun cazimi Venus native can influence and work magic over vast amounts of people. Indeed the list of cazimi natives includes two high profile female criminals. Teal is a great example of the use of Venusian allure to gain publicity as she is quite a pin-up guru for the New Age movement.

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Venus works magic by pulling abundance towards her. For example, Saturn being the lord of Capricorn getting combust in Virgo can make a person absent minded, lazy, forgetfulness etc but still its not that harmful if it would be for Pisces Ascendant. Here in above kundali, 9 th house Mars is combust in 6 th house where Sun is 6 th lord himself. For Pisces Ascendant, Sun is functional malefic being 6 th lord. So Mars being 2 nd and 9 th lord getting combust by malefic Sun, though posited in friendly sign Leo.

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The person has a very troubling childhood 2 nd house lord where he observed his drunk father 9 th lord torturing his mother every day. Rest of the signification of Mars was positive in his life. If a combust planet is exalted, getting maximum point in shaad bal, Vimshopak Bal, directional strength, then the combustion can be mitigated as per the ratio of strength getting by above means.

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Combust Planet In Astrology. Saturn within 15 Degree Mars within 17 Degree Sun the brightest and visible planet which causes combust, is the key significator of Ego. All the significations and known results of the planet become weak. Before understanding the effects of combusted Venus, we need to understand all the important aspects related to Venus.

Venus is the key siginificator of marriage in Astrology. Whether a person would get married or not is analyzed by the position and strength of Venus in the horoscope. These are some factors that deliver happiness in everyone's life.

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When Venus will get combusted by the Sun, these aspects in life would get weak temporarily. The learned people say that the following activities should not be undertaken when Venus is combusted. Regarding marriage there are many popular beliefs. Normally it is said that either of the two Gurus meaning planets here i. Jupiter Brihaspati and Venus Shukra should not be combusted or in sign of debilitation extreme weakness.

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Right now Jupiter is not combusted and neither in the sign of its debilitation. So marriages can be conducted during this period. What should be done during this period? It is advisable that prayers should be offered to the governing deity of Venus i.