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Marriage Matching Consultation Astrology Service. But not all marriages are 'bed of roses' for the couple and many marriages break due to a variety of reasons. Whether two individuals will have marital compatibility or not can be accurately analyzed by Dr. Andrew Dutta Sri Indrajit and he can highlight the areas of weaknesses in the relationship or the areas that will require improvement from both the individuals. All this is based on a comprehensive analyses of both the horoscopes simultaneously through a particular method which is privy to his family tradition along with both traditional and modern synastry methods.

You can also get an objective assessment done about you and your partner with regard to various factors of compatibility based on traditional Indian astrological marriage matching practices such as the Ashtakoot Milan of North India, the Dashkoot Vichar of South India as well as the modern system of KP Dashavidha Pouratham. Also whether there is any possibility second marriage can also be analyzed by Dr. Andrew Dutta Sri Indrajit. To get the matrimonial horoscope matching done, either pre-marital or post marital by Dr.

Andrew Dutta Sri Indrajit , you will be required to give the accurate date, time and place of birth of you and your partner and contact him for knowing the consultancy donation. All client data and information are kept strictly confidential as a matter of policy. Whether love marriage or arranged marriage. Vedic Ashtakoot Matching Report. KP Dushavidha Pourutham Report.

The seventh house indicates arrival of aperson if Ascendant or Navamsa ascendant falls in sheersodya sign. One will meet failures if ascendant is occupied by malefic planet or Navamsa falls in Pristhodya sign. One begets success after failures if malefic as well as benefic planets are associated with Lagan or Navamsa Lagan.

The person will return to his home if any planet enters into fourth house. Sloka - 2 3. The results obtained are auspicious if lord of the house concerned with query aspects its own house or benefic planets are placed therein. The contrary results are obtained if malefic planets either aspect concerned house or posited therein. This principle works for both natal as well as for horary astrology. Sloka - 3 4.

Ascendant or Navamsa ascendant falls in Sheershyodya sign. Ascendant or Navamsa ascendant if occupied by malefic planet indicates failure or sameresults are obtained if ascendant happens to be in pristhodya sign. But if both malefic as well as benefic planets occupy Ascendant or Navamsa ascendant then success is assured after some failures. Sloka - 4 5. The lost articles are recovered if ascendant is occupied by moon and aspected by Jupiter or Venus.

Auspicious results shall be further begotten if benefic planets in adequate strength are placed in eleventh house. Sloka - 5 31 New Dimensions of K. Astrology Chapter - Second 1. No information regarding journey or return to home is received if horary ascendant falls in either Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius sign. These signs indicate neither death nor damage. The result will be just opposite what has been told in Sloka 1. Mixed results are obtained if ascendant falls in mutual sign. Efforts of the querent are crowned with success if ascendant or Moon is aspected by benefic planets.

The aspect of malefic planets indicates failures. Sloka -2 3. The enemy will go back without battle if malefic planets are placedin fifth and sixth houses. The enemy is defeated if fourth house is occupied by benefic planets. The arrival of enemy is doubtful if ascendant happens to be in movable sign and moon in immovable sign. But if ascendant fells in immovable sign and moon in movable sign, it is the indication of arrival of enemy. The enemy comes half way and go back i f moon occupies movable sign and ascendant falls in mutual sign.

The opposition of above condition ensures battle in which both the parties suffer losses. Sloka - 8 6. The enemy speedily moves forward if ascendant falls in movable sign and Sun or Saturn or Mercury or Venus is posited in ascendant. The enemy has not moved if above said planets are in retrograde motion. Sloka - 9 7. The arrival of enemy is indicated if Sun and Moon are placed in fourth house. The enemy returns quickly if Mercury or Jupiter or Venus is placed in fourth house. Sloka- 11 8. The planet in strength be determined and also ascertain its placement in a particular Bhava.

The person gone to far off places will return in such months as denoted from house in which planet in strength is placed counted from Lagna. Sloka - 14 9. If planet in strength is placed in movable Navamsa the calculation as applied in Sloka 14 will be taken as it is. Astrology will be just double cf what is mentioned in Sloka 1 4 if planet in strength is placed in fixed Navamsa. The time will be triple if planet in strength is placed in mutual sign.

The person gone to far off places will return if the lord of seventh house is retrograde or about to retrograde. Sloka- 16 Chapter -Third 1. Both the parties will come to an agreement if benefic planet is placed in either ascendant or eleventh house or twelfth house. The battle will take place if malefic planet is placed in mutual sign. Both the parties will come to an agreement and the battle is converted into treaty if ascendant or fourth or seventh or tenth house is occupied by and aspected by benefic planets. The battle will continue if angular houses are occupied by and aspected by malefic planets.

The enemy will go back quickly if both occupy by either Jupiter or Venus or second or third house. The same rule also applies for the person who has gone to far off places will return sooa Sloka - 5 Chapter - Fourth 1. The native attains his first ambition if malefic planets are noi placed in 1 , 4, 7, 8 and tenth house and benefic planets are placed in 1 , 4, 5, 7, 9 and 1 0th houses. The opposite condition indicates adverse results. SYofta - 1 2. The native will get success ifbenefic planets gre placed either in third or fifth or sixth or eleventh or twelfth hoi! The results t are desirable if ascendant happens to be Gemini, Virgo or Aquarius and benefic planets are posited therein.

The aim of the querent is achieved and status also improves ifbenefic planets are placed in fourth and tenth houses. The native earns recognition in society and also gets money ifbenefic planets are placed either in first, or second or fifth house. The good results are not mitigated even if malefic planets are placed either in eleventh house or twelfth house. No gains if Moon is placed in Lagna. But Moon in tenth house gives good results. Gains through opposite sex are indicated if Moon is placed either in second, third, sixth, seventh, tenth or eleventh house and aspected by Jupiter.

Malefic planets either in 1 , 3, 5, 8 or 9 house cause losses and failures in business. Success is assured when their houses are occupied by benefic planets. Sloka - 3 5. The patient recovers quickly if benefic planets are placed either in first, fifth, seventh or eighth house and aspected by benefic planets and moon be placed in Uppachaya Bhava. Sloka - 5 Chapter - Fifth 1.

The person will return his home if all the planets are placed in second, third and fifth houses. The lost person and article both are recovered ifbenefic planets are placed in the above said houses. The person returns quickly if Jupiter and Venus are placed in above houses. Sloka- 1 2. The person gone to far off places returns quickly if Jupiter is placed in one of the angles. The person returns quicklyif Venus and Mercury are placed in fifth or ninth house. Sloka- 2 3. The person returns safely if moon is posited in eighth house and malefic planets do not occupy angular houses.

The person returns with gains ifbenefic planets are placed in angular houses. The native suffers a lot and is likely to be imprisoned if ascendant happens to be in pristhodya sign aspected by malefic planets. The person moves to foreign countries from his native place if malefic planet is placed in third house without any benefic aspect. The person is assumed to be dead if malefic planets are placed in sixth house. Thieves kidnap the person if malefic planets occupy angular houses. Sloka - 4 Chapter- Sixth 1.

The querent him self has stolen the article ifhorary ascendant falls in fixed or Navamsa ascendant falls in fixed sign or Ascendant happens to be Vargothama. The lost article is at the main door of the house if ascendant 34 New Dimensions of K. Astrology is within ten degrees.

If ascendant is between 1 0 to 20 degrees the article is in the middle of the house. The articles are in the backyard of the house if ascendant is found between 20 to 30 degrees. The lost article is recovered if Moon in strength is placed in ascendant or ascendant happens to be in sheersodya sign or any benefic planet is placed in ascendant or benefic planet aspects the ascendant. If eleventh house is occupied by benefic planet then the lost article is recovered. The planets in 1, 4, 7, 10 houses indicate about the lost article to be kept in. Direction of the lost article is ascertained through ascendant i f angular houses are vacant.

How far away is the lost article is determined through Navamsa ascendant. The nature ofthe lost article is determined through Navamsa Lagna. The rising decanate at the time of query gives information about thieves. Lagna indicates the time of lost article, direction and place where lost article have been kept. The lord of ascendant indicates age, caste and other characteristics. Sloka - 4 Chapter - Seventh 1. The birth of a male child is to be predicted if Saturn is placed in 3 , 5, 7, 9, 1 house in horary chart. If Saturn is not placed in one of such houses then birth of a female child is to be predicted.

The married life will behappy if Saturn is placed in uneven sign in an horary chart. The marriage will take place if Moon is posited in 3, 5, 6, 7, or 1 1 house and aspected by Jupiter and Mercury. The marriage will also taken place ifbenefic planets are placed in angular houses. The rain will take place in rainy season if Venus is placed seventh to moon and Saturn is placed seventh to the S un or Venus is placed in fourth house or Saturn in eighth house. Benefic planets along with watery sign if falls in 1 , 2, 3 , 4, 35 New Dimensions of K.

Astrology 7,or 10th house then rain takes place. There will also be rain if Moon sign happens to be watery sign. The birth of a male child is to be understood if male sign falls in ascendantand ascendantis aspectedbymale planets. Female sign in ascendant and aspect of female planets over ascendant indicate birth of a female child. The woman is pregnant if mercury is placed in ascendant. Sloka - 5 6. The question is related with girl if Moon and Mercury are placed in ascendant or aspect ascendant The question is related with old lady if Saturn is placed in ascendant or aspect it.

The woman has recently delivered if Jupiter and Sun are placed in ascendant or aspect it. The woman will have good health if Mars and Venus are placed in ascendant or aspect it. The same rule will also apply to man. Sloka - 6 7. The question is related with kith and kin of the querent if planet in strength is placed in ascendant. The question is related with younger brother ifplanet instrength is placed in third house. The planet in strength in fifth house indicates query related with children. The question is related with either mother or sister if planet in strength is placed in fourth house.

Planet in strength in sixth house indicates query related with enemy. The question is related with wife if planet in strength is placed in seventh house. The question is related with some outstanding personality if planet in strength is placed in ninth house. The placement of a planet in tenth house indicates query related to either Guru or preceptor.

The question is related with querent himself if lord of Navamsa Lagan is in strength. The question is related with friend if lord of Navamsa Lagan is a friend of lord of horary Lagan. If they are enemy then question is related with enemy or opponent. The person makes relationship with the wife of others if Sun, Mars and Venus are placed in seventh house in horary chart The man cohabits his wife only if Jupiter is placed in seventh house. The person makes relationship with prostitutes if Moon and Mercury are placed in ninth house.

The person is related with low 36 New Dimensions of K. Astrology caste ladyifSatum is placed in seventh house. The nature ofMoon decides the age of woman. Sloka - 10 1 0. The person will fall sick in foreign country if Saturn or any other malefic planet is placed in ninth house. The man will die in foreign land if Saturn is placed in eighth house. The querent must go to astrologer with devotion and sincerity.

Even Vedas may not be helpful if there is no devotion and sincerity. The querent must not go with empty hands to physician, astrologer and one who recites Mantras hymns. Aries and Sagittarius -. Astrology 37 3. Sun and Jupiter Moon and Venus Saturn and Rahu Mars - Earth - Kitchen or the place where prayer and other religious functions are solemnised - Hole in tree - 1 year - 6 month - 2 month - 1 month - 1 5 days - 1 day - 1 Yi hour or 90 Minutes - Pregnant animal - Lactiferous animal - Sterilized animal - Animal devoid of lactation capacity 38 New Dimensions of K.

Astrology Comments : The principles propounded in traditional texts cannot be outrightly rejected. The aim behind the translations of these texts is to make readers familiar with the knowledge of different principles so that they could understand the basic nature of planets and signs. Only those shlokas have been translated which have been found to be useful to readers. Readers may take long time to verify the practicality of the principles. But these principles can provide adequate knowledge about the nature and behaviour of the planets as well as signs and maybe applied in solving the day-to-day problems of horary astrology.

Above principles can also be used in K. It will not only enhance the quality of horary astrology but also make itrefined and rectified. I too have found a few principles to be absolutely correct. For example Uttarkalamratam Sloka 10 states that result of the question is obtained shortly if the lord of the house concerned with query is exalted. Simftmly Shatpanchasika chapter 1 Sloka 5 states that lost article is recovered if moon in ascendant is aspected by Jupiter and Venus. Both examples have been found to be correct in many cases.

The foundation of astrology lies in the permutation and combination of lights. If astrologers give logic in the explanation of any combination of planets then the mystery of planets can be revealed. In foregoing examples Sloka 5 of Shatpanchasika chapter 1 states that lost articles will be recovered if ascendant with moon is aspected by Jupiter and Venus. The logic behind is that moon and ascendant both are aspected by two most benefic planets viz.

Jupiter and Venus. Both the Lagans i. Moon and Lagna are under the influence of most benefic planets. Thus the impact of lights emanating from various planets js studied in astrology. Whenever a planet comes at a particular degree in space many important events take place.

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Research should be made on such particular degrees attained by planets during their motion in zodiac. Sun is known as Kroor Graha- means intensity to results. Following significations are ascertained from the Sun particularily in horary astrology.

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Father, relationship with father, longevity of father 2. Popularity and degree of popularity 3. Service 4. High post in service 5. Ministership 6. Governor 8. Eldest son 9. Eyesight Intercaste marriage Constitution 4 President Moon : Moon is a very important planet in horary astrology. Moon is the significator of mind. Therefore it reveals the immediate condition of mind. Non-corelation between query and the position of Moon in horary chart indicates insincere attempt to test the knowledge of the astrologer.

The natural and sincere desire to know the result of horary question absolutely gives pinpointed correct results. The Moon assumes greater significance in horary 40 New Dimensions of K. Astrology astrology; therefore its study from various angles is necessary. Mars : Mars is predominantly significator of energy. Venus : i Wife, ii Vehicle, iii Sex, iv Beauty, v Beautiful clothes, vi Perfume, vii Tailor, viii Readymade garments shop, ix Cow, Buffalo, x Beautician, xi Relationship with woman other than wife, xii Emotion, xiii Wo rldly happiness, xiv Luxury or luxurious life style.

Mercury : i Child, ii Intellect, iii Astrology, iv Practical knowledge, v Secret treasure, vi Divorce, vii Love marriage, viii Illegitimate relationship, ix Easily get influenced, x Hesitation, xi Speech, xii Education. Astrology Rahu and Ketu : Indian astrology does not assign any particular signification to Rahu and Ketu. Rahu generally denotes thief, jail and jailor. Ketu shows liberation or final emancipation. Rahu and Ketu have got special attention and importance in horary astrology. Therefore, appropriate discussion on Rahu and Ketu have been included for the benefit of the readers at appropriateplace.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto : Westerners have done a lot of research on these planets. Though late Krishnamurti had advocated the distinct effect of these planets yet he himself did not take into account their impact on human beings. I too personally have not verified their impact on human behaviour and nature. Therefore nothing is written here about these planets. Signs : Krishnamurti Paddhati has not given much importance to the signs. However this unique link of astrology as a whole can neither be underestimated nor overlooked in any way because it is primary determinant to the strength of any planet.

Secondly in various questions of horary astrology viz. Thick neck, Short height. Deep eyebrows, Beautiful eyes, Broad fore head, Dense hairs. Restaurant and com crop. Forehead covered by hairs.

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Lonely place, Jail, Hermitage Palm Short hand. Short palm. Astrology Houses Introduction : As per Hindu traditional astrology the entire zodiac is divided into twelve equal parts. Each equal part is called house or Bhava. Placidus system encompasses unequal house division in sharp contrast to equal division as propounded by ancient Indian astrology. In Placidus system a cusp or house varies from the other house in longitudes i.

Each house denotes a number of significations. Here a number of significations of each house is given for the benefit ofthe readers. These significations without an iota of doubt can be used both in horary as well as in natal astrology. First house or Ascendant : i External appearance, ii Character, iii Health, iv Concept towards life, v Peculiar nature, vi Success and failure in life, vii Popularity and fame, viii Particular place or state or country, ix Merits and demerits x Head and face.

Specific information : i The first house denotes the ascendant of the querent. Astrology iii Death or sufferings to maternal uncle being eight to sixth house. Specific effect of planets in Ascendant : i The placement of Rahu in ascendant in horary chart always shows failure. But if Rahu in ascendant is aspected by Jupiter then desire is fulfilled after some delay and impediments. The placement of Jupiter in ascendant is not good. Specific information - i In horary astrology second house denotes all money matters, loss and gain.

Astrology i v Child will stammer if Rahu is the sublord of second cusp and simultaneously ascendant happens to be either Taurus or Scorpio. Specific Information i Rahu in third house makes one either younger or eldest in the family. Fourth house : i Education, ii Properties, iii Land, iv Vehicles, v Family and happiness, vi Mother, vii Secret activities, viii Ancestral properties, ix Digging of well, x Properties either to take or give on rent. Specific information : i Mines, ii Agriculture, iii Termination of any undertaking, iv Public places, v Financial position of younger brother, vi Loss to children, vii Sufferings or hurdles to father eighth to ninth , viii Sufferings, disease of elder brother sixth to eleventh Specific effect of planets in fourth house : Venus in fourth house gives a number of vehicles.

Astrology Recreation, viii Cinema, ix Dance, opera, x Speculation, xi Gambling, xii Horse racing, xiii Rape, xiv Kidnapping Specific information : i Friendship, ii Pre-and post-marital relations, iv Ambassador, v Minister, vi Success in politics, vii Gains through wife eleventh to seventh Specific effects of planets in fifth house : i Jupiter and Venus are considered to be very auspicious if placed in fifth house. Sixth house : i Debt, ii Disease, iii Enemy or enmity, iv Service, v Maternal uncle, vi Irregular dirty habits, vii suffering, viii Brutal actions, ix Receive donations, x Loans.

Specific information : i Purchase of properties or vehicles by younger co-boms fourth to third , ii Journey of mother third to fourth , iii Financial status of first child second to fifth , iv Loss to partner twelfth to seventh , v Profession of father tenth to ninth , vi Overdraft facilities. Specific effects of planets in sixth house : i If the lord of seventh house is placed in sixth house or the lord of sixth house is placed in seventh house shows discord in married life. Specific information : i Question related with thief and theft, ii Foreign relations, iii War, iv International trade, v General opinion of masses about national policies, vi Second son or daughter of the querent, vii Properties of mother fourth to fourth , viii Adopted child.

Specific effects of planets: i The sign falling in seventh house or planet placed in seventh house gives information about thief and stolen article. Specific effect of planets in eighth house : i Sat - Rahu together in eighth house gives frequent accidents. Astrology ix Temple, Mosque, Church, x Religious journeys. Specific information : i Higher education, higher knowledge, higher thoughts, ii Research, iii Ph. Specific effect of planets in ninth house : i Grand success is assured if the sub lord uf ninth cusp is placed in eleventh house.

Specific information : i Final rites of father, ii Death of father second to ninth , iii Employer, iv Senior officer, v Government, vi Command, vii Agriculture, Doctor, Medicine, viii Authority, ix Pilgrimages, x Judge, xi Decision, xii Party president, xiii Prime minister, xiv President, xv Political situation, xvi Financial position of father second to ninth , xvii Sufferings to younger brother eighth to third , xviii Sufferings to children sixth to fifth , xix Negation of desire twelfth to eleventh Specific effect of planets in tenth house : i The sun in tenth house gives government patronage to the native.

Eleventh house : i Profit, ii Multiplicity, iii Income, iv Desire and fulfilments of desires, v Sycophant, vi Fans, vii Advisor, viii Close acquaintant, ix Elder brother. Astrology Specific information : i Relation with lover, ii Social and financial status, iii Children fifth to seventh and seventh to fifth , iv Financial status of employer second to tenth , v Left ear vi Loss of interest on capital, vii Suffering to mother eighth to fourth , viii Fate of younger co-boms ninth to third , ix Daughter in law seventh to fifth , x Minister. Specific effect of planets in eleventh house : i Eleventh house is considered to be very important in horary astrology!

Specific information : i Purchase, ii Investment, iii Donation, iv Doubt, v Sacrifice, vi Restrictions or limitations, vii Secret mental activities, viii Conspiracy, ix Fraud, Speculation, x Murder, xi Suicide, xii Chronic disease, xiii Foreign visit, xiv Sufferings, xv Lunatic asylum, xvi Secret enemy of nation, xviii Spy. Specific effect of planets in twelfth house : i The native is likely to visit foreign countries if Rahu is placed in twelfth house. Astrology 7 Sub-lord The zodiac is divided into 27 constellations or stars.

Each constellation is divided into 4 quarters or pads. Each sign or Rasi consists of constellations i. Each constellation has four quarters. These 1 08 quarters have further been divided into parts. Each subdivided part is called sub-lord. For example Aries sign consists of 4 quarters of Ashwini star, 4 quarters of Bhami star and one quarterof Krittika star. Ashwani star is ruled by Ketu and have been allotted 7 years out of 1 20 years of Vimshottari dasha pattern.

Now min of Ashwini star are further divided in respect to 7 years o f Ketu. The result obtained is called sub or sub-lord of Ketu. Therefore the first sub will be of Ketu followed by Venus, Sun etc. It could be understood as, in Jupiter Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasa the first Pratyantara dasa will be of Ketu, second belongs to Venus and so on.

Sub-lord can also be assumed to be Pratyantara lord. The first quarter that is ruled by Ketu as per traditional astrology is now divided into 3 parts that are successively ruled by Ketu, Venus and Sun. Comments - The concept of sub- lord is the outcome of research carried over decades by late Krishnamurti. It is positive outcome and has universal applications. The principles enumerated in traditional astrology have their own utility without an iota of doubt. But such principles cannot be applied to know the event of day- to-day activities and miserably fail to answer the questions like- Tight gone, when will it comeback?

Son gone to school, when he will return? It is an innovativediscoveryof astrology which has given scientific approach to astrology. Astrology 8 Ruling Planets and Significators The discovery of ml ingplanets is another milestone of astrology. To pinpoint the timing of events with great accuracy is another great service of astrology by late Krishnamurti.

Ruling planets are worked out from ascendant and the posi tion of Moon at the time of judgement. Ascendant is the bassic foundation of planetary influence and Moon is the significator of mind. Mind receives influence of planets more quickly and moreover one has to interact with worldly matters with the application of mind. Secondly the position ofMoon either in horary chart or natal chart is considered to be ascendant and called Moon Lagna. Desires, will etc are the functions of mind.

Therefore, planets influencing mind and ascendant are taken ruling planets to co-relate query asked and its ultimate future. Each day is ruled by a planet. Monday is ruled by moon, Tuesday is ruled by Mars and so on. For the benefit of the readers a table showing day and its ruler is given below: New Dimensions of K. The followers of K P in later stage also considered sub-lords, of ascendant and the Moon as ruling planets.

Sometimes we have considered Hora lord as ruling planet replacing day lord. Merc Jup Ven. Sat Sun Moon Mars P. For example, a question is asked on Wednesday at 4 P. On Wednesday the Hora between 4 to 5 P. So Jupiter may be taken as Hora lord in place of day lord Mercury among the ruling planets. The actual Hora is determined with the rising of the sun and extends for one hour as the word Hora itself signifies.

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The first Hora is always of the day lord followed by planets in increasing velocities. As the cycle of seven planets ends again new cycle start with first Hora lord i. In the above table a standard time i. Astrology A. If desire is to be materialized then timing of the event? Following tips regarding ruling planets would be of immense use to the astrologers : 1. Ruling planets are always linked with the success or failure of the query. If ruling planets are associated with the houses concerned with query and simultaneously the instant Antardasa is related with ruling planets the desire of the querent is fulfilled.

If ruling planets are concerned with the houses related with query but the instant.

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Antardasa is not linked with ruling planets it shows delay or failures of the query. If Rahu or Ketu or both becomes rulingplanets, then Rahu and Ketu are considered seriously because Rahu and Ketu are always stronger than the planets. Ruling planets are the only key to select beneficial signi ficators that contribute to materialization of the desire. The delay is portend if any of the ruling planets are in retrogression. The ruling planets, in order of their strength to bestow results, are as follows: l Ascendant lord ii Ascendant star lord in Moon star lord iv Moon sign lord v Day lord or Hora lord New Dimensions of K.

Astrology Specific comments over selection of ruling planets : There is some sort of confusion over selection of the ruling planets. A few sections of astrologers take ascendant lord and star lord of rising sign at the time of Judgment of query even if the question is solved with the help of horary number between 1 and to Here we would like to clarify and emphasise that this way of selection of ruling planets is completely fallacious and may lead to confusing predictions.

The sign lord and star lord of ascendant of rising sign are taken only when the query is solved without horary number and simply the judgement time is taken. If one is proceeding with the help of horary number then one should take sign lord and star lord of the horary number. After solving more than one thousand horary questions, it has been found that sign lord and star lord of ascendant of horary number without exceptions always help to reach right conclusion.

So one should not fell victim to illogical method of selecting ruling planets. The ruling planet taken in Part 2 of this book comprises sign lord and star lord of ascendant or 1st cusp of horary number. Accordingto K. Significators are determined as follows: i The planet or planets posited in a house. Astrology vii If Rahu or Ketu or both are conjoined with the above Significators. The above Significators have been listed below as per their strength to offer the results: i The most powerful Significators are Rahu and Ketu if they are conjoined with other Significators.

The above list shows strength in decreasing order i. Place of judgement is Agra. If the question is not immediately solved then later time and date be taken to work out the ascendant. In order to answer any horary question the best method is K. However due to shortage of time such questions may be solved as per traditional method. If question is attended as per traditional method it is advisable that sub-lord of planets must be given serious consideration.

How to work out the cusp is same as mentioned in the second method with little difference. In this method the degree and minutes of rising sign is taken whereas in the second method the lagan is taken of the number as mentioned by the querent. The question was judged on at Astrology In order to solve any horary question with the help of numbers, the commencing number is taken. As horary No. The other cusps are worked out as follows: 1. The longitudes of first cusp are converted into Sayana longitude by adding Ayanamsa of the year The position givenin thisbook is Sayana position.

The Ayanamsa of the year K. The difference is 6 minutes. In order to get the value of 6 minutes, the following calculations are made: 67 New Dimensions of K. Add T to this value. In order to solve horary question with the help of number in the range of 1 to , the commencing position is taken as evident in the foregoing example in which the commencing position of Number 1 37 was taken. The longitudes of cusp shows sign lord, star lord and sub- lord of the particular cusp. See this longitude in horary table in Sagittarius sign. Time is an important factor in horary astrology.

According to K. The longitude of the number remains the same though the planetary position changes with the change of time of judgement. Suppose a question of Number was to be judged on 1 but due to some reason this question could not be attended on Now this question is judged on 1 In this situation the longitude of cusps New Dimensions of K. Astrology 69 will be same but the planetary position of 1 at the time of judgement will be taken.

The ruling planets will also change with this new time. Cusp determination takes much time. Therefore it is advisable to esteemed readers that they must prepare Cuspal table for all the numbers for the place where astrologer permanently resides. Ayanamsa increases 50" every year. This value is negligible as far as change of longitudes of cusp year after year is concerned. The astrologers can also purchase Cuspal table book that is in Niryana position and can save valuable time of astrologers. Nishkaam Peeth Prakashan has brought out a table of houses Nirayana position for the latitude of Delhi.

It is also to be kept in mind that the place is also important in working out cusps. In that case Cuspal position of various cusps may change and sub-lord will also change though sign lord and star lord will be same. Retrograde planets and their impacts: There are various theories prevalent in astrological world regarding retrograde planets and their ultimate impacts.

According to one school of thought retrograde planets give the result of previous house. Another school of thoughts says that retrograde planets are more powerful to give the result becauseduring retrogression the planet comes near to the orbit of the earth and therefore its impact is greater at the time of retrogression. The study of retrograde planets is much more important in horary as- trology than natal astrology.

Retrograde planet has direct relation with the query. Retrograde planets have following effects: 1. Retrograde planet always shows negation in horary astro l- ogy- 2. Retrograde planet shows failure of the question asked. If a retrograde planet is posited in the star of a retrograde planet the result is failure of the query. The result will be positive with some delay if retrograde planet is posited in the constellation of planet in direct motion.

The posi- tive result will be obtained when the planet in retrograde motion will attain direct motion and reach the position from where retro- gression was started. The result after initial delay will be positive if a planet in direct motion is placed in the constellation of planet in direct mo- tion but in the sub of retrograde planet. Astrology 6. The result will be absolute negative if sign lord, star lord and sub-lord are in retrogression. The result will tend to be favourable after some delay and impediments, if retrograde planet in posited in the constellation of the planet in direct motion but in the sub of retrograde planet.

The result will be delay or failure of the query if any retro- grade planet or planets find place among ruling planets. Even day lord or Horn lord, the weakest ruling planet among ruling planets, is found to be retrograde, shows at least delay in the fulfilments of desire of the querent. Apart fro. Morethan one planet in retrogression if found to be present in natal chart portend a struggling life to the native. The lord or star lord or sub-lord of seventh cusp i f found to be in retrogression in natal horoscope indicates delay in marriage.

A section of astrologers consider these two shadow planets to offer results like other planets and like other planets their strength, exaltation, debilitation, aspect etc must be taken into account while delineating results. Another section of astrolo- gers treats Rahu and Ketu as mere shadow planets and does not take into account their aspect, strength based on debilitation or exaltation etc. Our object is not to fall in any controversy regard- ing various views of astrologers on the nature of Rahu and Ketu. But we want to bring to the knowledge of readers the modus operandi of Rahu and Ketu which has been found to be correct after a longresearch carried over more than a decade.

According to Hindu mythological stories a ferocious battle en- sued between gods and demons during churning of ocean. Both the parties agreed over the pact that whatever begotten through 72 New Dimensions of K. Astrology churning of ocean would be equally distributed between both the parties i. As a result of churning of ocean a pot of nectar was obtained.

Since gods were of the opinion that demons would create large-scale destruction if they got nectar, gods planned to trick the demons. Lord Vishnu in disguise of a beautiful woman appeared and suggested that gods and demons sit separately in queue so that everybody could get a drop of nectar. Rahu, the demon, doubted the plan and sat in the row among the gods in disguise of gods. As soon as Rahu got the nectar and drank it he was detected by Sun and Moon. Sun in- formed lord Vishnu who in turn immediately beheaded Rahu but by that time nectar had reached the throat of Rahu, so he was half immortal and could not be killed.

Neither the parts of the body could unite together. The head part was called Rahu while the part below head was called Ketu. Analysis of the Story: Mythological stories, if properly un- derstood and analyzed, reveals hidden facts regarding behavi our and nature of planets. The above story reveals following facts: 1. Rahu was the only demon that could detect the plan of gods- therefore an intelligent planet.

Rahu has nectar in his throat - therefore, also gives auspi- cious results. Rahu was detected by Sun and Moon - therefore an enemy to Sun and Moon. If Rahu is conjoined or associated with Sun and Moon the native suffers on account of his father and mother. He or she is obstinate, egoist, a perfectionist liar and dramatic in behaviour.

Ketu is an abortive and confusing planet because nectar could not reach the stomach of Rahu. Ketu represents this part. Modus operandi of Rahu and Ketu: 1. Rahu and Ketu give the results of those planets with which they are conj oined. The result of the sign they have occupied. Astrology 3. The result of the lordoftheconstellationin which they are posited. The result of the planets by which they are aspected. Importance of Rahu and Ketu in horary astrology: 1. If Rahu is placed in ascendant the ascendant is completely spoiled.

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  8. The desire of the querent is not fulfilled. The results are intensified and offered by Rahu and Ketu if they happen to be either ruling planets or occupy the sign of ruling planets. If Rahu along with Sun or Moon is placed in ascendant and Sun or Moon being ascendant lord even then ascendant is con- sidered to be spoiled. Rahu or Ketu in ascendant and aspected by Jupiter por- tends fulfilments of desire after some delay and problems. What will be the result of query: After a long research if has been found by us that following tips are quite useful for the readers in order to judge the result of the query.

    The result will be positive: i If the sub-lord of first cusp in direct motion is posited in eleventh house the desire of the native in fulfilled. There will be some delay or impediments if sub-lord of first cusp is placed in eleventh house in the sign of debilitation. If lord of ascendant is debilitated but placed in eleventh house even then desire is fulfilled.

    If lord of ascendant is retrograde planet but posited in eleventh house, the desire is fulfilled after delay, dejection and such problems. Astrology iv Fulfilment of desire is promised if the sub-lord of concerned house is having connection with either fifth house or eleventh house. Suppose in Leo ascendant if Mars, the ruler of fourth house, or cusp or sub-lord of fourth cusp is having connection with fifth or eleventh house then query related with purchase of a property is fulfilled.

    Importance of Omens in Horary Astrology: Horary astrology is the best method to know the will of God. Each and every particle of this universe vibrates due to the cosmic New Dimensions of K. Astrology will. This vast universe is the outcome of divine dance of matter and spirit; therefore nature itself wants to convey its message to mortals Jeeva through various omens. Some people listen to nature while others take them as ordinary events and ignore the voice of nature. Omens have great utility in prediction in horary astrology and many queries can be answered simply on the basis of keen obser- vations of omens presented by nature at the tim e of query.

    He mentioned one number that I did not recall because this incident was five years old. But I re- member the number mentioned by him showed Libra ascendant and the lord of sixth house service Jupiter was exalted in tenth house. As I was about to make the prediction lights of my resi- dence went off. I thought for a while and said that he had to wait for promotion for some time. While we were discussing the pro- motion episode the light cameback. I told him that the promotion list that was to be issued within three days would not find his name.

    The next list would give him promotion. Exactly the same happened. Here the omen was light that helped me to reach right conclusion about the query. This prediction was made in the pres- ence of other officers, who took the incident as a miracle. One more incident will reveal the utility of omens. One day a few persons were going to attend some important job. As soon as they came out of their office and sat in the car a boy aged around seven years crying loudly camebefore the car and also sat in front of the car.

    I noticed the event and advised the gentlemen to come back to office because the task for which they were going would not be accomplished. They did not heed the advice and went and came back without any gain but suffered some kind ofhumiliation there. There are many more events that can depict the importance of ' omens or voice of nature. Any astrologer who is accustomed to listen to the voice of nature can make prediction even while mov- p76 New Dimensions of K. Every moment such omens are taking place around us. Sometimes we recognize them and beautifully blend in the prognostications of future.

    Horary astrologers must have keen observation about such omens while attending horary query. A few cognizable omens like entry of child into room, behaviour of child, direction occupied by querent who enters the room at the time of query, light gone off or come, falling down of water, tele- phone call and discussion made o ver telephone etc must also be taken into account. Besides that omens can be presented into any form, sound, shape etc by the nature and how these are to be apprehended depends on the intelligence of the astrologers. We intend to advise readers that many books provide information regarding utility and description of a particular omen but j udge- ment of astrologer on any omen is much more useful than any bookish knowledge.

    Astrology 11 Cuspal and Traditional Chart Indian astrology has divided the zodiac equally into twelve parts. The chart prepared to read the results as per K. How to work out cusp has been dealt with elaborately in previous chapters. The reading of nativities on the basis of Cuspal chart is western concept.

    Western astrologer goes more by astronomical principles than perception. They take into account degree-to-degree motion of the planets and the particular relation they form with other planets and cusps which is known as the phenomenon of aspects. This concept of aspect is also different from the Indian. Cusp means the beginning of the house. Due to variation of longitudes in each house in Cuspal chart a planet seems to be placed in a different house when compared with that of the chart prepared as per Indian systems.

    This discrepancy creates confusion in the mind of astrologers and often put them in dilemma pertaining to the different placement of planets in Cuspal chart and Indian chart. It has been found by us that horary question must be solved through Placidus system i. Cuspal chart. Indian astrology recognizes the importance of sign Rasi and on the basis of it the strength of the planet is judged. Astrology it do not mind the planet which is placed in second house being placed either in ascendant or twelfth house in Cuspal chart.

    They are much more concerned with the longitudes of cusps and planets. Now the question is whether the importance of sign be recognized or not: Which method should be adopted to answer horary query?

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    It is our humble suggestion the astrologer must always open his mind to welcome new ideas and new concepts. The importance of sign cannot be ignored and the relation between sign and planets viz. Sign Rasi shows the area of influence and also the strength, nature and behaviour of a planet in a particular area.

    Apart from that in many questions it is only through the help of sign that the queries are solved. Questions like theft, description of thief, direction where one will move etc are answered on the basis of the sign falling in a particular Bhava. Now the question is how to get rid of the discrepancies pertaining to placement of planets in Cuspal chart and Indian traditional chart. We are solving such a major discrepancy, which is explained with thehelp of examples: - Suppose a querent gives number 27 for any question.

    This question was solved on a particular date and time. Therefore, Venus will shift back to twelfth house. Astrologers must not read the influence of sign, planet and cusp separately but approach to integrated relationship among them. Now this approach of integrated relationship be applied to understand the effect as well as influence ofVenus over twelfth and first cusp. It means Venus is advancing towards ascendant. Therefore the astrologer must predict that Venus in twelfth house shows temporary negations of query but the desire will be materialized in due courses of time because Venus being a fast- moving planet is ready to leave twelfth house and advancing toward 4 New Dimensions of K.

    Astrology ascendant. Had this Venus been in retrograde motion then it would have been retracing back from ascendant and would be staying in twelfth house, which shows failure of query. Suppose querent would have given number 36 instead of It means Venus will give the effect of twelfth cusp rather than ascendant. Late Krishnamurti had included two or three houses to answer any question that showed that every house was concerned with another house and developed the integrated system of prediction.

    This integrated approach proved to be more fruitful than the unitary system of prediction followed by Indian astrologers. R Astrology Oo to How will be the tenure in the office? Cuspal Position Sun Leo 8. Astrology chart is to be judged. In this question the o fficer wanted to know whether his tenure would be peaceful or some dispute would arise. In that particular question the strength of ascendant and instant Vimshottari Mahadasha are to be judged. The sub-lord of first cusp Rahu is placed in ninth house in the star of the sun that is placed in twelfth house.

    Since sun, the lord of first cusp being placed in twelfth house is not conducive be- cause twelfth is the negation of 1st cusp. The lord and star lord of eighth cusp mercury is placed in ascendant; that is again negative sign. It is also interesting to note that mercury is lord of second cusp placed in ascendant. Ascendant if twelfth to second cusp shows negation to second cusp. Therefore it can be safely said that this officer will not stay longer and will not have peaceful tenure.

    At the time of judgement the Mahadasha running was that of Saturn and Antardasa was of the Sun. Saturn was placed in the star of Rahu and i n the sub of Venus. Rahu was placed in ninth house while sub-lord Venus was placed in twelfth house. The sub- loid of Sun was Jupiter that was placed in twelfth house. Thus this Dasa and Antardasa might bring his shifting from present place because Decanate and Antardasanath are strongly related with twelfth house.

    Twelfth house not only shows mental tensions but also indicates unexpected journeys. Astrology w Dimensions of K. Astrology Party will give ticket or not Example No. He mentioned No. Astrology Analysis : 1. In order to ensure political success Vth cusp and Xlth cusp must have relation with each other and simultaneously must have connection with Jupiter and Mars.

    Jupiter and Mars together show courage as well as authority. This gentleman will get the ticket or not will be decided by the strength of ascendant. Ascendant is occupied by Saturn. Therefore ascendant is quite weak. Ascendant lord mercury is retrograde and lord of 1 1 th house is also retrograde. Therefore there is no possibility of getting him ticket. The lord of Vth house Venus is debilitated. As has been described in previous chapter if one or more than one ruling planet is retrograde then desire is not fulfilled. There- fore, this young man will not be able to get the ticket. Comment: He was denied ticket.

    Astrology New Dimensions of KP. Astrology Court Decision - 1 Example No. Astrology 89 I declared that decision would not be delivered on because of the following reasons : 1. Ascendant is not aspected by any planet. The sub-lord of first cusp is placed in the sub of Rahu, which is very slow planet and also placed in eighth house, a house of hindrance.